Your Kitchen Is The Heartbeat Of Your Home

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In most homes, the kitchen is the most frequently used room. An inviting kitchen is bright and welcoming, encouraging you to hang out and enjoy preparing meals together and engage in conversation. During dinner parties, a comfortable kitchen offers friends and family space to relax while keeping you company. Frequently, my clients complain they have […]

Organic Fuels More Than Your Body

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Picture yourself entering a room that immediately feels comfortable, beautiful and sophisticated. A room that could be anywhere in the world. A room in a chalet in the mountains of Switzerland, a restaurant on the beach in California, a flat in London. These spaces engulf you in beauty. They inspire you to want the best […]

Deciding To Move or To Renovate

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An exciting dynamic of my business is that I often have new clients contact me while they are in the process of making the decision whether to move or to renovate their current home.  There are many areas to be considered when torn between the two.  In considering moving, families are often reluctant to move […]

Good Design Is Valuable

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One of the biggest assets in the majority of personal portfolio’s is real estate.  Your home.  The changes and investments you make in your home can either add or detract to your asset.  Good design is both enjoyable and profitable.  There is nothing better than walking into your home at the end of a work […]

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