Deciding To Move or To Renovate

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An exciting dynamic of my business is that I often have new clients contact me while they are in the process of making the decision whether to move or to renovate their current home.  There are many areas to be considered when torn between the two.  In considering moving, families are often reluctant to move from their current school district or have an emotional attachment to their home.  They may have bought their home at the right time and find that moving into a more updated home in the same area is not possible due to current market prices.  This often leads the homeowners to consider renovation.

I use my expertise in the field of interior design to guide my clients through their renovation or, alternatively, to assist them in the search for a new home.  I do this either by educating them on the design potential of the home they are considering or by helping them design and estimate the cost of their considered renovation in their current home.  Together, we decide what makes the most sense both financially and emotionally.  In the end, my clients have a home they love and I have finished a project knowing I’ve made another client happy!


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